Fashion is an eternal restart. This is evidenced by the many pieces which, after having been put in the closet for many years, resurface on the front of the stage. We could for example cite certain pairs of sneakers, different cuts of jeans, or even certain styles such as workwear. In recent seasons, we have noticed the big comeback of the famous Hawaiian shirt. Whereas it was considered old-fashioned during the 2000s, it once again points its nose in the vast majority of lookbooks and in the latest series and films of the moment. Flowery, colorful, or even patterned, there is something for all tastes and styles! We tell you more about the Hawaiian shirt fashion trend.

1. The origin of the Hawaiian shirt
Even if the exact origin of the Hawaiian shirt remains rather vague (it had to be done), we know that its history dates back to the end of the 19th century when Japanese migrants arrived in Hawaii to serve as labor in the fields of sugarcane. As soon as they arrive, they quickly get into the habit of working with their bare chests, which shocks Christian missionaries. The latter obliges them to wear a cotton shirt with mother-of-pearl or coconut palm buttons. This shirt is then called a "Palaka". It is adorned with local flowers, but also with decorations that are mainly found on kimonos. Later called "Aloha" and it was sold for the first time in 1905 in a shop run by a Japanese man who decided to make them from the same material as that chosen for the traditional Kimono. It was not until 1930 that this shirt became popular as American tourists and the military brought it back to North America.  Then it will be worn with chinos and symbolize relaxation and the weekend. It will also be found among beachgoers and surfers. Subsequently, we will put much more contemporary and Western motifs. In the 60s, this short-sleeved shirt will be very successful, to such an extent that actors, singers or even personalities will choose to wear it!


2. The trend
We timidly saw the shirt appear in lookbooks a few years ago, we did not necessarily attach great importance to it. But it is coming back in force once again this year! On the program: bright colors, beautiful patterns both large and small, interesting materials and cuts. With its characteristic and colorful patterns, it should be worn with plain pieces such as chinos, shorts, or even a white t-shirt. However, we can imagine that the shirt does not speak to everyone and that some are afraid of very quickly feeling disguised. For those who are just starting out and would like to embark on the adventure, we advise you to start with discreet patterns and rather sober colors. Afterward, we must not forget either that it is summer or that it is also the time to let go by putting on pieces and colors that we are not used to wearing the rest of the year.


Some examples of our shirts:
Today, the Hawaiian shirt as we know it has come a long way. There are different patterns: flowers, plants, "scenes of life" or simple graphics and solid colors. This season, it's everywhere! Here are some extracts from our shirts to give you some ideas and inspiration for this summer.